About us

Translating to “Real Quick” in the native Indian tongue of the founders, “Pataz” was designed with proprietary, revolutionary deep learning digital
algorithms to revolutionize the global B2B marketplace. Pataz is a subscription-based platform that provides convenient, direct, and instant
access for buyers around the world to connect with manufacturers, suppliers and farmers in a broad spectrum of industries across the world. In
other words, it’s the first ever matching platform for the worldwide sourcing industry.

With an machine learning based deep matching system that accounts for more than 100 unique attributes, subscribers will have an incredible
opportunity to gain limitless exposure for their products and services and create a B2B network with buyers and other suppliers.

The non-existence of a global platform to find direct manufacturers and suppliers made the founders, Andy De Silva and Chamli Tennakoon realize
the massive potential of conveniently connecting buyers and sellers. Pataz was formed to fulfill this need, create expansive opportunities for
subscribers, and to capitalize on this opportunity.